Social Brain Institute



May Nabhan

Designer, Landscape and Environmental Architect, involved in urban studies.

François Tronche

CNRS Research Director, member of the CNRS Scientific Council and of the Board of Directors of the Société des Neurosciences, France

Ghinwa Samhat

Human Rights defender and international consultant on protection and advocacy work under the sexual and bodily rights mandate

Jean Paul Maalouf

PhD in Ecology, data scientist and trainer

Giuseppe Gangarossa

Assistant Professor in Physiology and Neuroscience at Paris University. Consultant in Life Sciences & Neurosciences

Sara Neumane

MD-PhD. Pediatrician - Postdoctoral researcher (Inserm / King's College London)

Albert Moukheiber

Doctor in Cognitive Neuroscience, clinical psychologist and lecturer

Étienne Doumazane

PhD in Neuroscience, associate professor of biochemistry-biological engineering, data scientist

Samah Karaki

PhD in Neuroscience. Founder and director of the Social Brain Institute

Jerome Sallet

PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. Researcher (Inserm)

Aya El-Dika

Interpreter, writer, performer, Culture and Arts consultant

Mohamad Najem

Executive director of the Beirut–based digital rights organization SMEX

Habib Tawk

Theatre actor and entrepreneur. Training Content & Fellowship Program Manager

Maryjan Maitre

Trainer and speaker. Director of the Maison de la Créativité, Geneva

Santiago Basso

Editor, digital project manager and educator. Master in Digital Creation and Edition

Ivana Villada

Professional dancer, artist and teacher

Ziad Kanaan

Trainer and international consultant for youth & sport for development

Solène de Montmarin

Humanitarian project coordinator