Social Brain Institute


Along with employing a systematic process that includes formative research, analysis, and planning, we draw on a wide range of disciplines and approaches to design, implement and evaluate change interventions. Our experts track educational and occupational needs to ensure that our on-the-ground programs are effective and producing measurable results. Our team of trainers and scientific advisors delivers programs in a mix-and-match set of strategies and tools customized for organizations and movements. We run workshops, courses and trainings for policymakers, practitioners, intervention designers and researchers and introduce a systematic, research-based method, key concepts and practical tasks.

We organize our work around four practice areas:

We put in practice brain based methods to address gaps in education systems and improve the quality, efficiency and relevance of education by rethinking the way we learn and promoting active social and cooperative learning centred on the learner, from early childhood to adulthood.

Cognitive psychologists have studied the essence of thinking and decision-making. Our approach aims at associating critical thinking skills, media and technological literacy to enable young and adult people to recognize the biases that influence their ideas, opinions and behaviour.

We provide mental organization tools and opportunities for leaders as well as for those involved in recruiting, training, and developing their teams to implement emerging neuroscience research in order to create a functioning and fair work environment.

We support policymakers, practitioners and intervention designers working on social and environmental justice by developing their understanding of the drivers of human behaviour and the different tools that can be used to create collective change.